Locally sourced wines

Great raw materials are what fuels us in the kitchen at Rastella restaurant. Artisan produce gets whipped, folded, cured, cut, smoked, poached, baked and seared by our precision team, to enhance the finest that Falmouth has to offer.

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Californian Wine Night

Tuesday 24th September The Snug at Merchants Manor 7pm Sample the delights of California. Taste an iconic collection of Biodynamic and Organically farmed wines from the Bonterra Vineyard, paired with a selection of Mezze nibbles from the …

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Electric Car Charging

True to our word we’re taking accountability for our sustainability initiatives. By installing an ultra-electric vehicle charging point on the hotel grounds, customers can enjoy fully electric driving without having to compromise. …

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Our Bees

Shortly after arriving in Cornwall we went to a local food festival where I met a bee keeper who specialised in Cornish Black Bees. We got into a discussion about honey, the future of bees and all things related. Ever since that first meeting I …

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Graduation 2019

Pick a spot outdoors in the subtropical gardens or pull up a chair at Rastella and let us feed the family during graduation. Join us for lunch anytime between 16th and 23rd July and tuck into three courses from just £19. We’ll even throw in a …

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Cornish Black Bees

Nestled amongst the subtropical gardens near to the greenhouse, is home to our Cornish Black Bee Colony.  Over 15,000 bees are currently busy producing a sweet golden nectar to accompany some of Chefs favourite dishes at Rastella. The Native …

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The Drinks Corner – Stiggins’ Smoked Old Fashioned

Father’s day is just around the corner and with that thought in mind, I really wanted to put the spotlight on what might just be, my favourite cocktail on our new list. Perfect for a hazy summers afternoon in the garden or relaxing at the bar , …

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Cocktail Club at Rastella

Meet at Rastella on Friday evenings for Cocktail Club of the season. We’ll be serving up some of our favourites from the brand new menu from 5pm – 11pm.  Here’s a sneak peek at the menu; 2 for £10 CORNISH ESPRESS Belvedere, …

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My sous chef Aiden and I went for a trip to visit Jude at Kota in Porthleven to see his kitchen and have a chat. After doing the tour Jude opened his fridge and there were echoes of snapping and clacking under camouflage of a wet cloth, they …

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The Team

Team work makes the dream work and we have now developed an exceptional team in the kitchen and front of house. When you work in a kitchen you will spend more time with your fellow chefs than your Family, Partner or friends. It takes time to …

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Cocktails at Rastella

We Love food and drink, who doesn’t! Whether the sun is just past the yard arm or to set you up before a night of decadence we’ve slaved long and hard, putting in the hours, sampling the finest of liquors and blending to perfection …

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