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From locally-sourced food to the must-see attractions in Falmouth, our blog will guide you through the best bits of a stay at Merchants Manor.

Westcountry Farm Visit

On a lovely sunny Cornish day, of which we have had quite a few lately, myself and two senior members of the kitchen team took a trip into the farm lands of Mylor. We met up with Sam from Westcountry Fruit sales in a lush field just outside of …

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Ice and a slice

Who remembers a time where you would walk into a bar, order for a gin and tonic and wait for the “ice and a slice?”reply?  When lime instead of lemon was the new cosmopolitan garnish for a Gordon’s and Slimline? For all you lovers …

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For a chef, knives are the tools of their craft.  They allow the imagination to run wild in curating a dish and through mastering their skill they learn how to respect their produce.  Keeping his questions sharp and on point, Chef Hylton chats …

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Graduation gatherings at Rastella

Pick a spot outdoors in the subtropical gardens or pull up a chair at Rastella and let us feed the family during graduation. Join us for lunch anytime between 16th and 28th July and tuck into three courses for just £18. We’ll even throw in …

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Lady Killigrew

In April 2016 we took a foraging walk down to Swanpool beach and returned with an abundance of sea weeds. After playing around with them in different preparations we had an excess of sea lettuce or ulva lactuca. The pastry section were preparing …

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Falmouth International Sea Shanty

Friday 22nd– Sunday 24thJune 2018 Wend your way to Discovery Quay  and beyond for 15th Annual Sea Shanty Festival on Friday 22nd June, for a weekend of sunshine, local ale supping, and hearty foot-stomping shantying. Tune into a sea-loving …

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Story of Lamb

One day on instagram an image popped up of a young farmer tending his flock near Porthleven. I  contacted Steve (The Cornish Lamb Co) directly and went to the farm with my wife. I love Porthleven, it has a very Cornish feel about it and happens …

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Tony Bourdain

Words by Chef Hylton Espey In December 2002 I walked into a restaurant and asked for a job as a Commis chef. The owner offered me the position and said something I will never forget. ‘You start tomorrow morning, go buy Kitchen Confidential, read …

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Located outside of Truro, on the Roseland Peninsula, Tregothnan is the home of the Boscawen family, an estate steeped in history and residence to a thriving tea plantation. Selling its first homegrown tea in 2005, the company was founded by …

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Vinaigrette – Bramble

Last year’s blackberry season began unusually early which leads us to believe that given the recent hot spell we are likely to see the first fresh pickings in just a few weeks. Don’t be fooled into believing that blackberries are only for …

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